Zofran Lawsuits

Are Virginia Zofran birth defect lawsuits a class action?

Virginia Zofran lawsuits are not a class action. While there are numerous Zofran lawsuits, each lawsuit is its own separate case. This means that each mother and child has his or her own specific case personal to him or her. The person injured by Zofran and suffering from Virginia Zofran side effects will be evaluated separately and apart from the other individuals injured by Virginia Zofran side effects.

How do I know if my child’s birth defects were caused by Zofran?

The short answer is, by contacting an experienced Virginia Zofran lawsuit attorney at NGK Law at (844)-565-5529. While birth defects can be caused by many things other than Zofran, the experienced Virginia Zofran attorneys at NGK Law are able to speak with you and inform you if your child was injured by Zofran side effects that can be grounds for a Virginia Zofran lawsuit. The Virginia Zofran attorneys at NGK Law also have access to experts that can help assist in investigating your potential Virginia Zofran lawsuit.

Will I be able to have my child’s medical bills paid out of any Zofran lawsuit settlement?

One of the items that the Virginia Zofran attorneys at NGK Law seek in any Zofran lawsuit is for individuals to be repaid their out of pocket medical expenses. The Virginia Zofran attorneys at NGK Law also seek compensation for pain and suffering caused by Zofran, as well as any Zofran wrongful death damages, if a child unfortunately died as a result of Zofran. The Virginia Zofran lawsuit attorneys at NGK Law have been successful in coordinating the settlement of the past pharmaceutical injury cases, and are well suited to evaluate a Zofran lawsuit for you and your child.

Did the manufacturers of Zofran know that Zofran could be dangerous to unborn children if women took it during pregnancy?

Information obtained by our Virginia Zofran attorneys, which mainly comes from detailed medical studies, indicates that there have never been comprehensive tests on whether Zofran may be dangerous if taken during pregnancy. Unfortunately, despite sufficient knowledge about its safety, Zofran was encouraged to be prescribed to pregnant women as a fix to morning sickness. As a results, there is the potential for hundreds, and potentially thousands, of children to have been injured by Zofran birth defects. It is expected that throughout the course of Virginia Zofran lawsuits, additional information will come to light indicating that the manufacturers of Zofran had more than enough information to know that there should be additional warnings and studies performed on Zofran before pregnant women would be encouraged to use it for morning sickness.

My child suffered from Zofran birth defects several years ago. Is there still time to bring a Virginia Zofran birth defect lawsuit?

While every state has its own particular statute of limitations, if you believe that you or a your child was injured by a Virginia Zofran side effect, such as a Virginia Zofran birth defects, it is best that you contact one of the experienced Virginia Zofran attorneys at NGK Law at (844) 564-5529 today. Even if the Zofran birth defect occurred several years ago, there is the potential that a Virginia Zofran lawsuit can still be filed for your child, especially if the child is still a minor. To best evaluate whether or not that is possible, you should contact NGK Law as soon as possible.

I took the generic version of Zofran, Ondansetron. Am I able to bring a Zofran birth defect lawsuit if I took the generic version?

In certain situations, the attorneys at NGK Law believe that it may be possible to bring a claim if your child’s birth defects were caused by a generic version of Zofran. The only way that the NGK Law attorneys can determine if you can bring a Virginia Zofran lawsuit while taking the generic version is by reviewing the mother’s full pharmacy records and determining the exact manufacturer of the generic version of Zofran. Therefore, contacting one of NGK Law’s Virginia Zofran birth defect attorneys today is the best way to arrive at this determination.